"Chronicles Of Love" is a collaboration of the Author's first two self-published books, "My Little Book Of Poetry" and "the Aspects Of Life." Along with the continuation of the love story " The Prince and The Princess" Vol.1,2. "Chronicles Of Love" is a five part series of poetry, short stories, definitions of feelings, and life situations. Part three of the series is "Royalty" which is made up of spiritual writings to influence and motivate love in all areas of life. Part four is titled "Love Definitions", which are words that express my feelings and describe what I believe to be the many meanings behind love. Part five " The Great Mystery" deals with the emotions of relationships and all the different encounters those we as people face daily. Each of the five books has something for everyone to enjoy. "Chronicles Of Love" comprised into a five part series, to help the reader better understand such amazing stories of what God has so blessed the author to share with the world.

Chronicles Of Love

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